The Vision for Confluence

We have, on our team, Journalists of the Year, Foreign Reporters of the Year, Crosswords Books award recipients, winners of the Golden Dagger, and national and international film and journalism award winners, feted in the US, Europe, and the UK.

In a landscape of alternative facts, mis-speaking and deep fakes, we invest in deep research and reporting to find the evidence of what is. Everything we do centres around primary sources: paper archives, historic film and sound, first-person interviews… and data, big and small. Through our stories, we interrogate power and platform the powerless, and we aim to subtly.

We have a track record of teasing out webs of dark money and bolstering institutions working in education, health, and justice. We have, for many years, filmed and written about the nature of power and inequality in the subcontinent, because we believe that doing so counters prejudice, misinformation, and sectarianism and strengthen democratic values in South Asia.

Confluence is timely, because the truth right now is being stress-tested around the world. India and her neighbours languish towards the bottom of the freedom of the World Press Freedom Index. There is an overriding perception that the media in South Asia is corrupt, lazy, or tethered. There are many who believe that news is bought and sold—that ‘facts’ are partisan or contrived. 

We want to help change that. Our mission is to produce deeply researched, engagingly told, extraordinary stories that also question the status quo.

Birth of a Nation, in partnership with Westland, is a multi-volume book series, that knits together the extraordinary story of Indian Independence with the Republic’s integration, a vast project that dwarves the struggle for German unification. Told using archival material from India and elsewhere, the books will be accompanied by a scripted series.

For Black Warrant, a scripted drama on Tihar Jail, the largest prison complex in South Asia, we have partnered with Mumbai-based Andolan, the creators of Sacred Games (Netflix), and director Vikram Motwane (Udaan, Trapped)

The story of Indian soldiers who went missing across several conflicts will see director Anurag Singh (Punjab) work with Confluence to develop the book Missing in Action, for multiple formats: as a scripted drama, podcast, and documentary.

With director Anurag Kashyap (Gangs of Wasseypur, Sacred Games) and Good Bad Films, we are developing a drama on India’s airline wars, based on Josy Joseph’s multi-award-winning book, Feast of Vultures.

This cliff-edge narrative follows the rise and fall of the aviation oligarchs, coloured, as they were, with hubris, ambition, corruption, murder—and a little romance. But it also tracks the liberalisation of the economy and the package tour dreams of millions of Indians.

In the pipeline is a feature documentary on surviving insurgencies; a mini-doc on an unflagging DIY detective in Mumbai, who took it upon himself to correct miscarriages of justice; and we are imbedded on the Durand Line, to produce an unscripted series that follow the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on one of the hottest border in the world.

We have also partnered with two of India’s best-known film producers to work on contemporary dramas on the rise and fall of the Indian media—think Broadcast News x Hot Metal.

The world needs to hear deep, meaningful, vibrant stories that make South Asia what it is.

We are driven by writers, activists, and educators; researchers and filmmakers; and journalists, data-divers, and digital campaigners.

Our Brand

Confluence Media is a response to the status quo, the gathering storm of fake news and the authoritarian discomfort with the truth.

Everything we do at Confluence centres around primary sources: paper archives, historical films and sound, first-person interviews, and data, big and small.

The war on truth today is two-fold. Whenever there are public disclosures about those in power, redactors are tasked to eliminate the unmentionables. And, the real stories are buried in jargon and obfuscation.

Un-redacting is the un-censoring of hidden information. Highlighting is the art of drawing attention to what people must know. Our design system, the UnRedact & Highlight, extends to each of our verticals - Investigations, Consultancies, Films, Scripted Series, Publishing, Wikis, Podcasts and Masterclasses.

The Confluence Brand espouses our platform agnostic approach to storytelling while retaining the investigative roots behind our stories.

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