Untold Stories
from South Asia

Untold Stories from South Asia




Exploring the world of mafias in everyday lives of Indians, this hit Spotify series blows wide open the corruption and crime that lies at the heart of their daily lives.

From nursery school admissions in Delhi to dry taps in Bengaluru, and parking lots all over the country, this Spotify Original is about the scams and corruption which operate in broad daylight, under our very eyes.


A Pigeon from Punjab

The story of three undocumented migrants from Punjab, the human-smuggling racket that stretches from India to the Americas and a boy who didn’t make it back.



America ke Jawai


Manipur, A Murder Mystery


A tense, psychological, upcoming thriller, Manipur is also an intimate portrait of a community corroded by decades of violence and secrecy, as it finally finds an awkward peace – built on a lie. It explores broader themes of truth, justice and the ways in which communities in conflict struggle for closure.


Black Warrant


Black Warrant is a game-changing memoir by Tihar Jail’s longest serving superintendent, Sunil Gupta, written by award winning journalist Sunetra Choudhury.

The film/scripted series rights have been jointly acquired by Andolan Films - the production company run by director Vikramaditya Motwane, showrunner of Netflix’s first Indian original, the hit Sacred Games - and Confluence Media.

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